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Calligraphy Stroke

Reserve a wall for pure artistic virtuosity. The rich calligraphic character in the minimal artistic stokes of a master, can add an unmatched sophistication and charm to the most Spartan spaces. Browse through our Calligraphic Stokes collection for a touch of a pure, living art.

Collage Art

Collage assembled with rich textural effect in paper and paint, evoke reflection and silent conversations in solitude, and take on a rich artistic character when in company. Looking for expressiveness – browse through our collage art collection to choose one that is best designed to be your silent companion.

Music Symphonies

Make your walls come alive with the sounds of music. With compositions that make bold statements in form and colour, our collection of Music Symphonies, is sure to bring the groove back!


The art of fashion has its own unique idiom. with an emphasis on style, fashion imagery has become synonymous with everything we value in our choice of lifestyle: individuality, expressiveness, and the need to claim a space for ourselves. Postmodern in sensibility, our Fashion murals are for those looking to make a bold style statement.


Scraps of a sweet collective memory, of a time and its charm, of lifestyles we’ve long left behind in short, the stuff nostalgia is made of is the essence of our Vintage Collection. Tuxtapose the slick old, and instantly add style and character to the spaces you live, work or entertain in.


A medley of geometric shapes, come together in a harmonious whole in our Geometry Collection.Basic shapes that take on the character, not just of the shapes that lie adjacent to them, but also of the rooms they come to live within. Browse through our Geometry Collection to add Versatility to a room and also, to...Read More


Evoke a mood of reminiscence…. of impressions etched in your memory. Browse through our Monoprint. Collection to add an artsy character to your room.


Create on your wall a virtual space. Slick cyber funk graphics suggest alternate realities.Get yourself a ‘Second Life!’


Bring in a festive mood through our wide range of celebratory creative. This range of designs is sure to add a feeling of?joie de vivre to the most drab and dull spaces.

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