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Make room for charming sentiment…retain the memory of old walls, in spaces once lived in. Create artistic contrasts between the new and the old. Browse through our Grunge collection and allow reminiscence to render with warmth, an otherwise cold and indifferent wall.

Oriental Landscapes

The art of Chinese water colour painting comes together in our collection of Oriental Landscapes. Delicate and exquisite in both colour?and style, these murals are sure to bring an unmistakable air of elegance into any room they grace.


Primitive artistic tendencies- that discovered artistic expression in the repetition of a single motif or a story of motifs- can?offer both, a decorative and historic relief to a room. Browse through our ethnic collection for a touch of the primal…the old but?ever new design.

Abstract Art

With an emphasis on colour, texture, composition and virtuosity, the murals in our abstract art collection boldly celebrate the elements of art and design. In doing so, they save a room from insensitive understatement, allowing it the expression for making its own unique style statement.

Color Blocking

Enliven a space with our boldly coloured compositions. With a postmodern aesthetic, our range of colour-blocked design can help’redefine’ conventional ideas. Browse through our Colour Blocking collection for boldly coloured compositions.


Create delightful illusions by adding new perspectives. Streets, staircases, doors and windows that suggest the’beyond’, can add an element of irony to otherwise predictable interior spaces.


The magnificent city, with perpendicular ambitions, has its own unique landscapes. When viewed from a perspective, it evokes inexplicable feelings of a solitary romance one that exists between a city and its inhabitant. Browse through our ‘Citiscape’ Collection and preserve on a wall, your most cherished impression of the city.


Invite in an unmatched serenity with our Divinity Collection. Images that stand as reminders of our essence, anchor the spaces we inhabit, in the firmament of our hearts.

Memory Wall

Dedicate a wall to memories you’d like to preserve sepia toned backgrounds that evoke nostalgia or simply a frame laid out for your selection of memorable paraphernalia.

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